Wireless Audio Receivers – short review

I’ve tried both of these, and I significantly prefer the Philips:


  • Both work with Windows Media Connect (although the Philips manual isn’t very open about this).
  • The Philips is wireless only, the Roku is wired or wireless.
  • I couldn’t make the Philips work with my DHCP (Microsoft wireless router); had to give it a static address – but then it works great. Doesn’t look like anyone else has this problem on the newsgroups.
  • The Roku software reboots itself too much… often when playing Internet Radio.
  • The Roku looks nicer, but the Philips isn’t bad looking.
  • The Philips has a larger display, although smaller text.
  • The Philips remote control is significantly better… faster and has phone-style number keys for WEP, IP Address configuration, and search.
  • Only two connectors on the Philips (power and 1/8 stereo); easier to use. The Roku connectors are behind end caps that are a pain to open/close and access for a restart.
  • The Philips receives a huge list of Internet Radio stations automatically, already categorized and ready to go. The Roku comes with 20 (some don’t work), which you can change yourself – but you have to find them first, which is very hard and time consuming.

I have the Philips hooked up to a Philips ShoqBox in my bedroom… sweet. 


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