Telco Mania

Ok, big changes going on at home with our Telco options.
First and most important – we’ve picked up and are now testing MagicJack as a potential replacement to our home phone line.
It’s a very cool and compelling offering – for $40 you get a USB device that allows you to plug in an RJ11 phone (I’ve plugged in our Panasonic wireless phone) and make phone calls anywhere in the US and Canada.  No monthly bills.  2nd year is $20.
As someone who’s always looking to cut costs (i.e. cheap) I looked at this and thought wow – we could potentially eliminate a $45 monthly charge (basic service plus a long distance package for the US and Canada).
There are some limiations of the system – it has PC and broadband pre-requisites (broadband must be running, PC must be running).  It doesn’t offer international calling at this time.  But hey – we have a computer we keep on all the time (for media storage and services).
We just received our MagicJack yesterday, and I hooked it up with no problems.  We’ve made calls – and we’re letting our family and friends know our new number to call during our ‘test period’.
So far so good!

2 thoughts on “Telco Mania

  1. This is what I did;

    Speedtouch 780 wl st780 ADSL2+ WIFI Router Modem VoIP – $50 one time – $80 for the password (Hamilton #) – $0.99 per month / $0.0100 per minute (Toronto # that forwards to the Hamilton #)

    Annual cost is $12 as has never deducted money for usage.

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