Derick’s Favorite Books of All Time

Dawn and I were talking about how different our reading sources and interests are.  She likes crafting, art, real crime, and non-fiction, and I like science fiction,  mysteries (fictional), and horror.
We thought it might be cool to read from each other’s book lists on occasion to learn a bit more about each other and what we like to read. But we’re both avid readers – reading tons of books each. Where to start?
We agreed to help each other out – by coming up with our Top Five Favorite Books Of All Time.
Well, it turns out this is a lot harder to do than it seems. I didn’t think I could even remember all of my favorite books.  Ok – so I guess that means they don’t qualify as my favorites – do they?
But what about that book you loved in college – can remember the plot and everything – but the name escapes you?  It’s got a funny name… oh yeah – that’s it! Whew, just needed a couple days in the back of my head to remember that one.
Then, once you start to identify your favorites (that you remember), it gets really hard to pick the top five.  I found that the Wish List capability of Amazon was really helpful in managing all of these books and their priorities.
Well, I rolled the dice a few times – worked on it for about a week – struggled over final priorities – and finally did it. So here they are for your enjoyment, Derick’s top five favorite books of all time:
Thing is, I can’t stop here.  There’s so many other good books and authors that I like.  So here are my next ten favorite books of all time.
You know what?  I don’t actually own all of these books anymore.  So what’s Dawn going to read?  I guess I’m going to have to be a good husband and go pick up the ones I don’t have these days. Just for Dawn you see.  Wink

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